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Calling All SaaS-Cloud Blogs

I’m in the process of updating my blogroll, and I’d like to expand the SaaS-Cloud section. If you write a SaaS, Cloud, Startup, Sales or Marketing blog, or have some favorites that you read, besides Chaotic Flow of course, please leave a comment or send me an email. Looking for active blogs with loyal readers that deliver consistent, well thought out original content, and I’m happy to do a link exchange if your blog meets these criteria. (blogroll located at the lower right sidebar)


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  1. saasmania, 9. December 2009, 16:21

    Do you speak spanish? ;)

  2. Tony DeYoung, 9. December 2009, 16:40
  3. Justin Pirie, 10. December 2009, 4:22

    Hey Joel

    I’m a big fan of your writing and my SaaS roundup TWIS goes out to nearly 15,000 people- available here:



  4. Danny Johnson, 10. December 2009, 9:33

    I am a contributor to the NetDocuments SaaS blog. I’d be happy to do a link exchange. Most of our posts deal with SaaS, Cloud Computing and content management.

  5. Robert Petril, 10. December 2009, 14:52

    I’m just starting a new SAAS blog called Frogfish.

    Would be happy to do a link exchange.

  6. Sanjay Thomas, 10. December 2009, 16:12

    I have been reading this blog by Subraya Mallya. The SaaS posts have been pretty detailed and good.

  7. Andy Slater, 11. December 2009, 0:48

    Hi Joel, Have a look at which is a relative new blog I’ve been writing. Cheers Andy

  8. Mike Dunham, 18. December 2009, 9:47

    Hi Joel –

    We’re planning some new directions on Haut Tech:

    All the best! I don’t know how many times I’ve sent people to your blog and I know it isn’t going to end anytime soon!

  9. David Smit, 22. December 2009, 11:18

    Firstly, I really enjoy your blog and especially your ebooks.

    I own a startup called Docley, which is a cloud based document management service. We have a blog at:

  10. Karl Wirth, 1. September 2011, 7:58

    Joel, If you are still collecting links to SAAS focused blogs. I’ve started one here. Thank you for your excellent blog!


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