Consulting Services

If you’d like to dig deeper into how the ideas at Chaotic Flow can be applied to your SaaS business, please contact me at joelyork [at] to set up a consulting assessment call. Exclusive consulting and startup advisory services are offered in areas below.

SaaS Strategy SaaS Marketing
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Sales & Marketing strategy
  • SaaS Metrics Audit
  • SaaS Fundamentals Training
  • Positioning and content strategy
  • Product design opportunities
  • Purchase process analysis
  • Buyer personae development
  • Online demand generation
SaaS Sales SaaS Product Development
  • SaaS sales model training
  • Sales compensation strategy
  • Sales operations assessment
  • Target customer sweet spotting
  • Lead qualification strategy
  • SaaS Product Design
  • Offshore Development**
  • Product Architecture
  • Technology Strategy

**Offshore development for SaaS startups and companies that need to stretch their engineering resources. Located in Chennai,India with enterprise-class engineering management, i.e., people I trust and know well. Senior-level US development project management included.

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