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  • absolutely great read and article. So timely as I am working for a start up CRM software company that is struggling with a transactional price point and SAAS product, however a technical product and service that takes a consultative sales approach in order to sell, configure and deploy the product. There is currently no way to do free trials of the software, as well as a hefty fee for data migration in order to populate the system in order for the software to be test driven. So to say the least it is bombing and blowing up quickly, then add management that will not listen to ideas, and decisions to stay on the same path.

  • I came across and wanted to thank you for including Redfin! We are happy to share our data with anyone doing research and writing about the housing industry.

    We are flattered and would love if you change the link on the text real estate websites to in order to give your readers more detailed information about the SF area. 

    Your adjustment is much appreciated!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Angie,

      Thanks for the comment. I didn’t think it would be entirely fair to Trulia/Zillow to change the link in the article.
      So…I changed it in your comment, so you will still get the SEO ;).

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