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Achieving SaaS Customer Alignment | Ebook

Written by Joel York

When your SaaS business is well aligned, your SaaS customers consistently take positive actions that lead to positive business outcomes: they try, they buy, they upgrade and they refer you to a friend. When you are poorly aligned, your SaaS customers consistently take negative actions that lead to negative business outcomes: they bounce, they negotiate, they complain, and they churn.

SaaS businesses develop intimate, long term relationships with their customers. Like many long term relationships, it is founded on a recurring cycle of needs fulfilled and expectations met, or not. And I don’t just mean customer needs and expectations. There are two sides to every relationship. SaaS businesses need to make money as much as SaaS customers need to spend it. SaaS customer alignment means aligning the goals and actions of the SaaS customer with the goals and actions of the SaaS business at every stage of the SaaS customer lifecycle.

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A compilation of recent popular articles at Chaotic Flow, this detailed eBook outlines the important SaaS marketing concept of SaaS customer alignment. It examines the challenges of maintaining SaaS customer alignment throughout the SaaS customer lifecycle. Along the way it provides 16 tips for achieving SaaS customer alignment in customer acquisition, customer success and early product-market fit.

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  • Joel, this is a very helpful e-book and you know I was searching this last 2 week. Great article thanks and keep up the great work!

  • The book has valuable content, especially if you are still up to go into the business. If you are already there then it will be difficult to change – saying it from my own experience as head of ERP and CRM vendor. And it is really working – if you have great product and you need leads it is very easy to get them from current customer base. If they like your product and service just 1 phone call can get you into a meeting with a new company.

    So apart from the marketing, just try to develop great product and servic, otherwise it won’t work.

  • What kind of base would a senior b2b SaaS salesperson command if I need them to drive $1m in ARR, and what about at $2m in ARR? (Note: average ACV of $30-50k per deal)

    Matt as always has the right numbers. I usually keep a benchmark of 1/4 to 1/6 in my head for this, i.e., total comp = 1/4 – 1/6 x quota. 1/6 is very efficient, usually requires inbound leads. > 1/4 and you are either early stage and paying more for an…

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