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SaaS Metrics Guide to SaaS Financial Performance

Written by Joel York

I’ve wrapped up the highlights of my SaaS metrics series into a tidy SaaS Metrics Guide to SaaS Financial Performance. Like the original SaaS metrics series, this reference guide presents simple rules-of-thumb and graphic visualizations that capture the dynamic relationships between core SaaS metrics and SaaS financial performance.

It is NOT a comprehensive overview of SaaS metrics, but a deep dive into the most critical SaaS metrics with the goal of fostering intuition and deeper understanding of SaaS financial performance, including charts, formulas, definitions, sample calculations, and hyperlinks back to the full SaaS Metrics Rules-of-Thumb posts. Feel free to pass it along. Cheers! JY.

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SaaS Metrics Guide to SaaS Financial Performance (PDF format)

Original SaaS Metrics Rules-of-Thumb Posts

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