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SaaS Sales Model and Organization Strategy – the eBook!

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Written by Joel York

One of the most difficult SaaS challenges is choosing and evolving the right SaaS sales model for your business. While the most common SaaS sales model is characterized by a transactional inside sales organization, frequently split into new business focused sales reps and retention focused account managers, this is by no means the only SaaS sales model, and may NOT be the best SaaS sales model for your business. SaaS businesses come in many flavors from consumer-ish freemium services like Box.net and Cloudflare to high-end enterprise solutions like Workday and BazzarVoice. Choosing the right SaaS sales model is often a bet-the-company decision, as second chances are rare in the fast moving world of the Internet. Plus, as your SaaS product offering and customer base grows, you are likely to find yourself supporting several distinct and varied SaaS sales models. How to choose?

saas sales model

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A compilation of some of the most popular articles at Chaotic Flow, this new eBook provides a a simple, powerful strategic framework for choosing the right SaaS sales model for your business and gaining wisdom beyond the conventional for matching the right the SaaS sales organization options to your specific operational challenges. Share and enjoy!

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