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SaaS Summit | Are You Going to San Francisco?

The annual SaaS Summit is next week in San Francisco, so if you are going and would like to meet up, send me a note at joelyork [at] chaotic-flow.com. The program is All About the Cloud and while I’m a little bummed there isn’t more SaaS-specific content, you gotta roll with the times and this year is definitely all about the cloud.

saas summit

This year the SIIA has stepped up to the plate
and is clearly taking the SaaS Summit to the next level.

I’m particularly looking forward to the Public Cloud vs. Private Cloud debate to be queued up by Phil Wainewright and Jeff Kaplan and will likely weigh in with my own view afterward. I expect this debate will not go away anytime soon and we’ll see a proliferation of private cloud software vendors and services, but in the end there is no escaping the reality that private clouds are to public clouds as your intranet is to the Internet. Big difference.

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