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The Twisdom of Clouds

This week’s post is a throw down to see just how much cloud wisdom can be packed into a Twitter post of 140 characters or less. I did the best I could, but what have you got? Comment with yours and be sure to re-tweet your favorites to spread the words. I’ve coined a new tag #twisdomofclouds for Twitter tracking, so be sure to tack it on if you have room. Tweet on. JY

  • Cloud skeptics think control is safety, but fear of flying doesn’t make you a pilot. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • A-SaaS-in enterprise software has a license to kill. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Life is better on cloud 99.999%! #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • High customer acquisition costs are a pain in the SaaS. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Every cloud has an API binding. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Value your SaaS customers and they’ll last a lifetime. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • GNU’s code-envy. Free is the cloud. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Hybrid SaaS : A half-SaaSed attempt at on-demand. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Fans hack Stones virtual tour on Azure private cloud. Jagger warns “Hey! You! Get off of my cloud.” #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
    #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Don’t be CRUD on the cloud. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Get your PaaS in gear and your thread in the clouds. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Private cloud? Raise your hand if you own the Internet. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • SaaS for hire. Have software. Will travel. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Need a Web service? There’s an OP for that. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • Without customers, SaaS is vaporware. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • You gotta go viral to stand out from the cloud. #twisdomofclouds tweet it!
  • No room to tweet with all these dumb #AaaS acronym-as-a-service tags!
    #SaaS #PaaS #IaaS #DaaS #EaaS #twisdomofclouds tweet it!

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